Sunday, September 15, 2013


Poet, editor and printer Richard Parker — whose writing was recently included alongside work by Tim Atkins, Carol Watts, Sophie Robinson and Holly Pester in a Jacket2 feature on contemporary English poetry edited by Sarah Dowling and Amy De'Ath — has been bringing out a variety of poetry publications through his Crater Press imprint since at least 2009. Most anyone reading this will already know this. If not, take this as a cue to accumulate these objects as aggressively as the violently diversified shadow forces of evil accumulate capital.

Print objects published by Crater across the past five or more years include titles by Tom Raworth, John Wilkinson, Keston Sutherland, Sean Bonney, Elizabeth Guthrie, Justin Katko, Sara Crangle, Harry Gilonis and a number of others. Below are details from some of these stunning publications, including my own Turncoat, which was brought out as Crater XXV last month.
 Jeff Hilson | Organ Music: An Anti-Masque Not for Dancing (July 2012) 

John Wilkinson | from The Ode at the Gate of the Gathering (December 2011)  

Papa Boop Ndiop and Goat Far DT | Animal Crater (June 2013) 

 Gaelic translation of Pound by Kevin Kiely for the Ezra Pound International Conference, Dublin (July 2013)

Richard Owens | Turncoat (August 2013) 

(NB: Among the many Crater publications not included above is the late 2012 broadsheet A Waspshire Lad by Fabian MacPherson. The poem begins with these trenchantly shattering lines: "'Is my torymid phytophagous, | That I was used to feed | Consuming virtually the entire | Contents of the seed?'")