Sunday, August 21, 2005

DAMN THE CAESARS is a hard-copy quarterly journal which features new writing and visual art by both established and lesser known writers and artists.
Issue I includes work by Clive Faust, Dale Smith, MTC Cronin, Bob Arnold, Jan Bender, Scott Watson, James Lorubbio, William Owens, Richard Stremme and Ken Knabb.
Issue II includes work by Roger Snell, Guy Birchard, Janet Sutherland, Kent Johnson, John Vieira, Clayton Eshleman, Amiri Baraka, Dale Smith, John Phillips, Robert Saxton, MTC Cronin and Attila the Stockbroker.
While we aim to have a webpage up and running shortly, this webblog is an augmentation to the magazine geared expressly toward calling attention to recently published small press writing. For further information regarding DTC bounce inquiries or concerns to:
Copies of DTC are $5.00 each and can be purchased via snail mail by writing to:
Richard Owens
810 Richmond Avenue
Buffalo NY 14222-1167
N.B.-- Issue II contains an editorial error in Kent Johnson's "Helen Vendler and Strom Thurmond Cook Up a Post-Avant." John Ashbery appears in the piece as "John Ashberry." The error was made by the editor and not the contributor. Apologies all around.