Wednesday, August 22, 2007


At long last — Damn the Caesars the Blog is active again. And after the lapse of nearly a year, it's an absolute pleasure to announce in this brief missive the publication of Brian Mornar's Repatterning. This chap-length single-author collection of poems is a first for both Mornar and the Punch Press imprint.

Comprised of four poems of moderate leng
th, Repatterning sees Mornar synthesizing the mundane, meditations on the mundane, and the poetry and critical work of others encountered while wandering through the mundane. Thinking and writing through the everyday, Mornar comes out in these poems on the other side of the everyday with the musicality of a lyric sensibility in hand. He comes "Stately, outside waiting for the bus doors to open" and finds himself situated "Between the spaces public and private". As he states in "Kleist's Puppets", "Where the garage meets the road/ I do tell the people my name".

In the foreward to this inaugural collection, Lisa Fishman writes, "The intelligence of this collection is formidable and hopeful, alive to lyric utterance, margin note, and notebook entry as themselves events and as sites of hearing: Shelley's West Wind cutting through Chicago's Hawk wind; Mornar's Oakland re
futing Spenser's Ireland, everywhere the self stricken but not stricken out...."

Assembled by hand, this book includes two-color letterpress wraps folded over and bound to a black bristol interior cover. To order send check or money order for $5.00 to Richard Owens, 810 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222-1167. Where else can fine letterpress poetry be had for the cost of pack of smokes.


NOTE: Brian Mornar was born on the South Side of Chicago, attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, St. Mary's College in California, and is now working on his PhD at SUNY-Buffalo in New York.