Friday, October 28, 2011


Sutherland | from Stress Position (Barque 2009):  

How can the conditions of any group's life sum up all the conditions of life in their most inhuman form, when the only group that qualifies for the arithmetic is disallowed the majority of pleasures? The end. If the thing I who am passionate can do most passionately is reverse, but passion is irreversible, is time contradictory? Epilogue. If you are alone entering the room and the pain is on the floor only because the floor doesn't fly away, is the only way up? Epilogue. What does torture really interpret, if not by the natural compliancy of pain? The end. Is murder ever free, and if not, is it a corollary of the gift? Introduction.

Brad Flis | from "Not Safe for Work" (P-Queue 8, 2011): 

when a company, while in the process of gaining momentum
by standardized samples, remotely influenced
would-be retirees confronting the doom loop
in the great project manager's second final episode
confronting the brutal facts
I slept on the nail that brought us out
of retirement into bodily Tetris
making experience your rented day's companion
yesterday I blamed the doom loop for the reason I can't find much
to do (9 things I programmed for the next generation of feds)
It's amazing what people will tear up
when listening to the doom loop in their beds
as unexpected guests pop in and matter all
of a sudden