Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Benyon, David Cameron: A Theatre of Knife-Songs (Shit Valley 2015).

"Song Seven" (David Cameron): "The tables are turning and dancing on their heads. Everything everyone break open faces split up laugh suns fire fire arses expel shit mouths speak. Everything and everyone that went in to be concealed beneath a surface come out not as ghosts but as fleshly fucking human flesh."
"Song Seven" (David Cameron): "Objects, show your intestines! Shake, dead international waiting staff! Flesh and blood appear every thing matter matter matter full-on mutilated bodies in head-storm matter. Ground, unearth the dead died. Faces, explain your surfaces, explain the labour of your mum and the historical dust that went into your bloodied body brain." 
Untitled (David Cameron):
                    I am a toxic whore
                    I murdered Jack the Ripper.